June 1, 2023

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How to remove a broken key in the lock

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key breaks in the lock

How to remove a broken key in the lock

When the key breaks in the lock or ignition, your first instinct may be to panic. However, there are several steps you can take to remove the broken key, including calling a local locksmith. We will outline several ways to remove a broken key from your lock!

Examine the lock

The first thing to do is locate precisely where the key has broken. Depending on the location, you may be able to extract the key without the need for outside assistance. Next, check if the key is broken in the middle of the key head.

If the key broke in the middle, you might still be able to activate the lock and remove what’s left of the key. If the key is broken on the key head, a locksmith may be required to remove the key safely. Try moving the key to seeing if it can be pulled out.

Using the tools

You can use several tools that you can commonly find in toolboxes to remove a broken key. First, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to try to grab the key stuck inside the keyhole. It is more likely to work if the key breaks in the head.

You can also try using a screwdriver. First, insert a screwdriver into the lock and return it to its default position. That will help you open the door if the key breaks, but it may not help you get it out.

Broken key in the lock – How to remove?

Have you ever broken a key in your lock? Despair and helplessness are the two best words to describe how you might feel at that moment. However, a broken key in the lock isn’t the end of the world – although you may feel that way – it’s an emergency, and the best thing you can do is seek help by contacting a residential locksmith.

Broken key in the lock

I know getting a stranger to unlock your house can be risky, even if this emergency occurs during the day. However, if you are a helpful person, chances are you will be able to solve this problem simply by using a few simple tools.

There are several methods of removing a broken key inside a lock, and it all comes down to how stuck the key is in the lock and what tool it will be used. Most locksmiths use small, barbed tools explicitly designed to extract keys.

Today, we will give you some DIY tips for removing a broken key inside a lock. Among the methods for extracting broken keys, the most common are hooking the key with an extraction tool or extraction with a saw blade puller, nose pliers, tweezers, or even a set of nail clippers.

Engage the key with an extractor

Lubricate the lock

Before performing any operation on the lock, it is necessary to find a spray to “smooth” the process. A spray lubricant helps slide the key off the shaft more easily. If you can’t find this lubricant, you can also use graphite powder.

Move the cylinder to the neutral position

After the lock is well lubricated, it will be necessary to align the lock to a locked or unlocked position to remove the leftover key from the door. Again, it is essential to align the key before removing it; otherwise, it will remain locked. Using needle-nose pliers, you will be able to align it.

Analyze things

Take a look at the broken fragment of the key. You will see some grooves in the well and some protruding teeth. On one side of the teeth, the key’s shank is thinner. You may want to slide your extractor into this area, as it is the best place!

The extraction

At this point, you should have chosen the best tool to extract the key, but if you are unsure, we recommend that you look for key extraction tools which can be easily found in any hardware store. These look like tiny harpoons, with thin rods and different shapes and dimensions of hooks.

Since various tools can work with different keys, stick to the small hook tool, as these typically take on most key types and shapes if you’re still unsure which one to use.

Make sure that the tool is facing up so that it can be hooked onto the teeth. Next, slide the hook along the groove on the side of the key. Next, twist the tool onto the key and pull back while connecting the handle end away from the lock. It would be best if you tried until the hook grabs one of the teeth, and you can take out the key fragment.

Extraction of the saw blade

Work on your extraction device:

You will have to break a piece of the blade to get your tool. Since the saw blades are made of thin metal, they are easy to cut. Only by folding it will they fracture. Using tweezers in pairs breaks off the blade’s end; make sure you check the angle first.

Be careful!

After you cut it, wrap the end of the blade with duct tape until the blades are completely covered. This casing will allow you to manipulate the tool without affecting the skin.

Flush the lubricant and align the lock in a neutral position – these steps are standard –

The extraction

Place the extraction tool inside the barrel with the teeth facing up. Shake the device until the blades are squeezed close to the key fragment.

Turn and pull

Rotate the blade about a quarter and pull it out to the side away from the lock. You may need to repeat this action until the blade grabs the key.

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