June 1, 2023

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Due to the great similarity that exists between TikTok vs Instagram Reels, an arduous comparison between these platforms has been generated. Likewise, its popularity is increasing every day and that is why today we are going to tell you a little about these tools and what those characteristics that differentiate them are.


TikTok vs Instagram Reels , these great platforms are becoming more and more popular and have great similarities in their video creation and editing functions. That is why we are going to explain a little what they are and how they work to later know their differences.

One thing that is common for both of them is using BestFollowers.Uk for Instagram and TikTok Growth.


Los Reels is a tool that Instagram includes to its platform for the creation of short videos . With a duration of 15 seconds where you can put your creativity to the test and create either by recording directly from the App or by adding different clips from the gallery of your smartphone.

Add visual effects, animations, music and much more, the advantage of being able to customize them and deal with different themes is one of its strengths. In addition, its interface is easy to use since it is quite similar to Instagram.


It is inevitable that a TikTok vs Instagram Reels will not be debated because they have similar characteristics.

However, each one has other characteristics that differentiate them, such as: the advantage of Reels of being able to be shared through Instagram messaging, in the “ Feed ” and also being able to personalize with whom it is shared. Advantage that TikTok does not have .

Also, keep in mind that the creation of videos in Reels is only a function or tool belonging to Instagram, so it is not the main alternative. As for TikTok, the creation of these short videos if they are the main objective of the App.

Do you want to know which one is the best for your videos? Next we are going to detail some of the main differences between TikTok and Instagram Reels so that you can select the one you like the most.


One of the main differences between TikTok vs Instagram Reels is the length of the videos.

While TikTok offers 60 seconds per video , Instagram Reels offers a maximum of 30 seconds . Although the difference is great, it will be important according to the type of content that you want to record.

If your goal is to record explanatory videos, such as recipes, without a doubt TikTok will be the best option. On the contrary, if you only want to record dance steps or any challenge, Instagram is an option that will work for you without problems.


Regarding the editing of the videos, TikTok undoubtedly offers a wide catalog of options, among which the following stand out:

Add your own music

Add voice over

Use available filters or add your own filters.

Emojis and varied fonts.

Share screen to create videos with other users.

Each of these tools gives its users the possibility to put their creativity into practice. As for the Reels , the options are a little more limited, among its editing alternatives are:

  • Speed ​​up or slow down videos.
  • Mute or add audios only from the App.
  • Add available filters.
  • Add texts, emojis and gif.
  • Remix Reels to make duo videos.
  • Allows you to upload videos that are edited externally.


The algorithm of these two platforms are very different, so far there is no knowledge of a specific algorithm for Reels . However, these usually appear in the “Explore” section and in the Reels Column when they have more interactions.

For its part, TikTok selects the contents according to the interests that each user shows when interacting with either likes or sharing. This helps each of the profiles to be different.


In this feature there is undoubtedly a big difference between TikTok vs Instagram Reels .

TikTok continues to have an advantage in terms of its tools and when it comes to music or voices, this platform allows you to add music available from the App , audio from other users or add music from your device’s library or voice over.

Instagram Reels only offers the option to add music from the App’s library . Therefore, if you want to add any different audio, you must edit it with another tool before uploading it to Instagram.


One of the big differences between TikTok vs Instagram Reels are the options they offer to share their content.

Remembering mainly that Reels are just an option or tool belonging to Instagram. Therefore, since it is not an application itself, you can publish it on Instagram both in the “ Feed ” and in the Stories and direct message. This allows for a greater reach.

On the other hand, TikTok, being an application, only allows you to publish the videos in its “ Feed ”. However, both can be downloaded and shared through other means.

Finally, it can be said that between TikTok vs Instagram Reels , TikTok is ahead thanks to the variety of options it makes available for editing the videos as well as their durability.

Although without a doubt, Instagram provides a more complete experience by having photos, Stories and Reels in a single application.