March 25, 2023

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Tools to Improve Your Online Business

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Tools to Improve Your Online Business

Business is a constant balancing act. One must often choose between pleasing customers or the bottom line, which can lead to choosing between good service and low prices. However, there are certain tools available that allow you to increase your profits while also satisfying customer demands. Many of these are free-to-use web services that have been proven effective by other companies across various industries. These 5 tools that are mentioned in The Indian Jurist should be able to help any business regardless of its size or industry:

Most small businesses do not have huge budgets for marketing, especially with the rise of free social media networks. It’s no surprise then that many businessmen are looking for ways to market their brands at little to no cost. Fortunately, there exists a wide variety of websites designed specifically for this purpose. These sites, such as Reddit and Facebook, allow you to easily promote your website and get in touch with potential customers. Some of these websites even offer help building up a marketing campaign for free!

Google Apps

Google is one of the biggest search engines out there, and it offers many different services including Gmail, Google News, Google Drive and others. These are all popular tools among entrepreneurs, but perhaps the most useful one is actually an app that comes natively with every Android phone: Google Voice. This service serves as a virtual assistant who can record or transcribe your messages at any time- no more forgetting to follow up with clients! It also allows you to customize voicemail by uploading multiple voices so you can have a female voice, a robot voice (to sound more like an actual assistant), or whatever else you can come up with. Plus, Google Voice provides the option to switch between different numbers at will; no need to bother your friends by getting yet another phone number!


One way to stay informed on industry trends is NewsVarsity. This service curates articles from across the web and delivers them via email news feed. So that entrepreneurs don’t have to spend all day searching for useful information. The NewsVarsity database also includes other features such as live news feeds. Charts/graphs of recent trends, and stock quotes so users can keep track of how their own investments are doing.


Grammarly is a lifesaver for entrepreneurs who need to create content or correspondence. That will be read by hundreds, if not thousands of people. This free service fixes the mistakes in documents. And gives feedback on their content so users can make sure. They sound professional and articulate at all times.


Managing employee time is one of the most difficult parts of running a business. With employees constantly checking social media, shopping online, or simply having large breaks between tasks. It becomes very easy for them to form excuses as to why they didn’t finish. What was assigned to them in a timely manner? Fortunately, there exists a program that allows companies track their employees’ activities. Toggle. web service keeps track of how long employees spend on different tasks. And how much time they take during breaks.

Since Toggl is a free program, it allows companies to save money. That would otherwise go towards expensive monitoring software and tools. This also serves as an incentive for employees. If they work hard and don’t submit unnecessary reports, the company saves money.


Charging clients for services can be difficult without invoicing software. Fortunately, there exists a solution in the form of Wufoo. The server offers customizable forms that allow users to create an invoice with just a few clicks of the mouse. Best of all, Wufoo provides these forms for free! Business owners who want additional features or more designs can upgrade to premium packages. That includes benefits such as more storage space for files, no ads, priority support and other useful features.


Reddit is not just a place to share cat pictures! There are entire subreddits made for entrepreneurs that allow you to get helpful suggestions. On your business or find people with similar interests who can lead to fruitful collaborations. These subreddits also have various posts about marketing advice. Upcoming events in the industry, and much more – it’s a great way to learn. About news before they become popular enough to appear on NewsVarsity. This site saves you time while providing up-to-date information that could be crucial for your future success!


Finally, an easy solution for creating attractive graphics without learning how to use complicated design software! Canva is a free service that provides templates for social media posts, blog headers, infographics and other visual content. Best of all, it has features like drag-and-drop functionality and built-in image editing tools so you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge to make your creations look fantastic.

Show products to multiple locations

Your visitors are likely using your website to compare prices with other places they can buy similar products. Showing your product in multiple locations throughout the same page will allow users to easily continue their search for the best price. This is called “product listing ads” and you can choose where you want it to appear on your site by adding relevant keywords for that item into ad groups when creating Google Adwords campaigns.

Organise your items

If people are browsing multiple categories, consider organizing all of the items from one category together so it’s easy for them to view everything in that one section without having to search within each category. Visit Waterfall Magazine for more information. You’ll be able to feature more items this way while still making it easy for your customers to navigate your site.

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NewsVarsity has many features that can help businesses to save both time and money. It offers customized email news feeds, charts/graphs of recent trends in the industry, stock quotes, and more. We also curates articles from across the web; entrepreneurs no longer have to spend all day searching for topics they need! Toggl is a free program that helps keep employees accountable by tracking how long they spend on different tasks and breaks between them. With this information, companies are able to save money that would otherwise go towards expensive monitoring software or tools. Wufoo templates allow users to create professional invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are even apps available for Apple products